the background

Ross Elwell started EarthCoat in response to the ever-increasing demand for eco- friendly interior products and decor. Harmful moulds and dangerous moisture levels in the home can create issues for many householders and their family. 

As a proud family man, Ross wanted to make sure that the health and wellbeing of his family was his main priority and it was this desire that started the pursuit of products that would help him create a better environment is which his family could flourish. So, with an eye for design and the motivation to provide your solution, EarthCoat was born.

Ross and the team are passionate about your unique stand-out design that can never be duplicated, our products not only look stunning, but they also deliver enviable eco-credentials that can prevent potential health issues. They also allow for a more natural way of living. Once applied, our products are easy to maintain, meaning your daily lifestyle isn’t compromised.