Who we are

EarthCoat, located in the stunning locale of Plymouth, Devon has been in operation since 2019. Swiftly emerged as a leading installer in the UK and gained recognition as an elite artisan. Ross Elwell founded the EarthCoat brand with a singular purpose, our mission is to deliver the utmost excellence in installing luxurious surfaces that are highly coveted.

In the seamless surface industry, we observed numerous companies making grand promises, poor installation, lack of knowledge and failure to deliver. With such a cowboy mentality in the industry and slapdash finishes, we knew that we could deliver the difference the client rightly deserved! This is where we stand out: prioritising meticulous attention to detail and possessing extensive knowledge of our materials and substrates, ensuring optimal outcomes for our clients and an end result that will stand out from the rest.

The question I am frequently asked is how I got into this line of work. Clients have always been fascinated by my journey and want to know how I entered this profession.

‘Bringing life to your home through stylish and smart interiors’

We are based in Plymouth and our customers stretch across the UK. Our commitment to you is ‘When it comes to interiors, we will deliver that all important dramatic touch that makes your room feel special with every visit’