Who we are

Interior design trends have changed dramatically throughout the decades. Now, more than ever, self-expression has come to define the overall approach for the look and feel of our homes. At the same time, sustainability within our properties has also become increasingly more important.

That’s the reason EarthCoat was created. We combine highly crafted, unique and fully sustainable materials with a design-led, ecologically conscious approach. Every project we undertake reflects the personality of our customer, with captivating finishes and an impressive longevity that only the finest materials can provide.

From feature walls to living moss creations, EarthCoat specialises in dramatic design that makes whatever statement you desire.

‘Bringing life to your home through stylish and smart interiors’

We are based in Plymouth and our customers stretch across the UK. Our commitment to you is ‘When it comes to interiors, we will deliver that all important dramatic touch that makes your room feel special with every visit’