Clayworks clay plasters are not only beautiful, they are also high performance materials suitable for a wide range of applications that enhance well-being in your home, retail, restaurant, and work spaces. Our clay plaster products are not only beautiful but they’re also high performing, eco-friendly wall surfaces that enhance the wellbeing of the people that use them.

This product helps control moisture levels in a building which decreases the chance of mould and reduces airborne particles, all of which create a healthier environment, especially for asthma suffers. 

Being a natural product, clay plaster is also much more environmentally friendly as it contains no chemical elements, it’s non-toxic and releases no VOC’s. Undoubtedly, it’s a much healthier product to have on your walls at home, it just helps that it’s also one of the most beautiful wall finishes ever created and it never fails to deliver impressive results.

At EarthCoat, we’re experienced in dealing with clay plaster and work with you to deliver whatever finish you desire. 




Clay plasters help regulate relative humidity in an interior space and their hygroscopic nature means they can absorb and desorb moisture from the atmosphere, which keeps levels of relative humidity at the optimum for human comfort within a range of 30-70%. This also means that there is less chance for mould development and can decrease the transmission of airborne bacteria and viruses which is beneficial to asthma sufferers and to human health in general.In the building industry, clay plasters are known as the ecological wall coating par excellence. They are natural air conditioners and aggregates of compensation. Their clay minerals provide a room climate that can be hugely beneficial. The surfaces are of natural aesthetics and our clay plasters adhere to all common building substrates. They can be machine-applied but just as easily applied by hand. Their ecobalance is unbeatable.

Clay plasters are highly robust, durable and long-lasting, but if repairs do become necessary, the material can easily be softened and patched. This sets clay apart from all other building materials as flexible and adaptable.

If what you want is a clay ambience with minimal effort, then our plaster can be applied with a thickness of just 2mm to almost all surfaces. With clay coating materials you can give your walls a harmonious earthen touch.

Recent years have seen a renaissance in building with clay where everything revolves around the sensory experience. Clay surfaces are beautiful, whether that’s as rammed clay walls with its’ impressive presence or as clay plaster a pleasant, smooth and tactical feel. 

They have the soothing colours of the earth and bring a reserved harmony into your own four walls that people will continue to enjoy for years to come.

Above anything else clay plaster is a wonderful combination of function and form. It performs well as a building product with all the benefits to health and the environment but it’s also versatile in its finish with everything from a natural, earthy surface to smooth, tactile result. The choices are endless but the benefits are definitive. 

working wITh earthcoat

At EarthCoat we understand clay plaster and our highly trained, experienced and skilled team are perfectly placed to work with you, the customer to create the finish of your dreams. 
The only thing that stands in the way of that spectacular wall finish is any limitations that you put on your own imagination. Let yourself go and put your trust in EarthCoat. We will deliver for you.