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…where we will truly awaken your surfaces. We take great pride in our exceptional craftsmanship and unwavering commitment to detail. We are a renowned plaster and render company based in Plymouth that specialises in creating unique and meticulously crafted surfaces for both residential and commercial purposes. Our team of highly skilled artisans is committed to realising the full potential of your project.

With our expertise in Micro Cement, Venetian Plaster, Liquid Metals, Concrete Finishes, Clay Plasters and Thermal Renders just to name a few. Our exquisite finishes will undoubtedly take your project to new heights.

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Render & Plastering Surfaces Using the Finest Materials Sourced from Around the Globe

EarthCoat is the perfect choice for any commercial or residential interior design project. We proudly collaborate with a diverse range of clients, including ambitious business owners looking to outshine their competitors, visionary interior designers aiming to impress their clients, innovative architects striving to create unique and large-scale installations, and homeowners seeking to revitalise their properties with striking feature walls.

With EarthCoat, you can effortlessly achieve flawless surfaces for any location, utilising only the finest natural materials of the utmost quality

Venetian Plaster

Traditional Venetian Plaster, otherwise known as marble plaster, Italian plaster or polished plaster is made of lime putty and marble dust and gives a highly polished finish to walls and ceilings, which can look like stunning marble itself.

"Planet Earth is rich in all the beauty a designer needs and with EarthCoat you can achieve the perfect surface for any location, using only the highest quality natural materials."


We have an unbelievable product that we’re very proud of called CORKWall. It’s a natural cork render for new build and renovation projects. It provides a sustainable, innovative solution for homes, residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

It comes with a 15 year warranty, is all natural, breathable, and highly commended by Kevin McCloud of TV’s Grand Designs.

Render & Plaster Materials

We can offer surface materials from smooth through to textured; from luxurious metallics to rust effect; from high gloss to a matte finish, achieving breathtaking results where the only limit is your imagination. We take immense pride in our work and only use the best products from Italy for a rich diversity of Earth materials, providing the ultimate finish to your projects.

Other Services

With these products we are able to achieve so many different styles for you.
Planet earth is rich in all the beauty a designer needs and with EarthCoat you can achieve the perfect surface for any location, using only the highest quality natural materials.

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Eco friendly.

Not only do these surfaces look stunningly original, there are also amazing health benefits! These include hypoallergenic, mould and algae resistant and not to mention the fact that venetian & clay plaster can also regulate humidity. Further details regarding the amazing health benefits can be found via the following link…


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"Had my chimney breast done by Ross, the work is fantastic! So pleased, can wait to have it dine again in the new year. Thanks Ross 😊"