We offer a large array of wall finishes, all of which can be as dramatic or as subtle as you like, but always beautiful. The options are endless, as we use a design reference point that spans history. All of our specialist materials have solid environmental credentials that make an impact on the eye and not on the planet.

Our range includes Venetian and clay plasters, micro-cements, liquid metals and polished concrete, to name just a few. The colour palette is limited by nothing other than your own imagination and whatever effect you desire for your home, Ross Elwell and our EarthCoat team can achieve it.

These products can be applied to

…and much more!


Archi+ Concrete is such a great versatile mineral plaster for interiors.


Metallics are a great way to compliment and embellish any surface.


Mirror is a lime-based stucco finish, with special additives to improve the gloss.


This is the most well known venetian surface due to the waves trowel effect possible.


This is a chemical reaction when an accelerator is used on a fine metal particles.


Change the end result using dragged effect, banding, pitted, geometric designs, and many more.

Stencil Work, Light work & Logos

Depending on the stencils used you can give a very elegant luxurious effect using a number of different materials

Our services will be catered to each individual project’s size and complexity, and are backed by our commitment to total quality management.

The perfect option for any commercial or residential interior design project

We work with a broad array of customers –  whether you’re a business owner looking to shine amongst your competitors, a designer striving to wow your customers, an architect looking to create bespoke, large scale installations, or a home owner wanting to create a statement feature wall in order to bring life back into your property, the surfaces that EarthCoat can provide are for you!  Each surface is bespoke and tailored to your requirements and will ensure that you stand out from the rest… a one of a kind!   We pride ourselves on ensuring the highest standards are met so we know that, no matter what you’re looking for, we can turn your stunning vision into a reality. 

Yet another reason to indulge

Not only do these surfaces look stunningly original, there are also amazing health benefits! These include hypoallergenic, mould and algae resistant and not to mention the fact that venetian & clay plaster can also regulate humidity. Further details regarding the amazing health benefits can be found via the following link…

Endless Possibilities

With these products we are able to achieve so many different styles for you. Planet earth is rich in all the beauty a designer needs and with EarthCoat you can achieve the perfect surface for any location, using only the highest quality natural materials. These include Novacolor from Italy; those sourced from the Clayworks in Cornwall, and a vast array of excellent products found within locations in between these and beyond.