There are a multitude of techniques that we can use to completely transform the look and feel of your property. Dragged effects, banding, pitted looks and geometric designs are all used to create stunning features for totally unique, one-off projects.

The surface effects we create cannot be duplicated and are one of a kind. These projects are the epitome of bespoke interior design.


As with many of our EarthCoat services the main benefit here with surface effects is the creation of something completely unique. The majority of people simply aren’t brave enough to do something different which is why the interiors of their house look exactly like the house next door and the one next to that. 

For those of you that strive to create something different, our surface effects are exactly what you need. Due to the way we work with these products, it would actually be close to impossible to recreate what we’ve done in more that one property. So, if you do desire something different, this is it, right here.

working with earthcoat

At EarthCoat we understand surface effects and our highly trained, experienced and skilled team are perfectly placed to work with you the customer to create the finish of your dreams. 

The only thing that stands in the way of that spectacular wall finish is any limitations that you put on your own imagination. Let yourself go and put your trust in EarthCoat. We will deliver for you.