This is an impressive process that enhances any wall or floor. It achieves a truly eye- catching and impactful effect using a number of different materials to result in a bespoke and beautiful surface.

We can create whatever logo or imagery you wish, making sure that the end result is both high-end, impressive and unique. We can even incorporate lighting into the finished project which adds a different dynamic, bringing the whole thing to life even more.


The real benefit here is that specific design work can be repeated faithfully and with consistency, it’s perfect for when a logo or imagery needs to be used in more than one place and freehand artwork or even signwriting simple isn’t good enough. The key is making sure that the stencil itself is absolutely perfect in the first place,

Stenciled patterns can appear time and time again as seamless replications and can be selected from an existing range of designs or completely bespoke to reflect specific needs and desires.

This process is compatible with many of our existing range of materials which means that styles can be consistent with whatever product your surface is covered in. The stencil is filled to give you a textured, almost 3D finish if required.

Overall stencil work such as this, gives you a stunning finish that provides one of the best logo or on wall image applications that you will ever see. It’s breathtaking.

working with Earthcoat

At EarthCoat we understand stencil work and our highly trained, experienced and skilled team are perfectly placed to work with you the customer to create the finish of your dreams. 

The only thing that stands in the way of that spectacular wall finish is any limitations that you put on your own imagination. Let yourself go and put your trust in EarthCoat. We will deliver for you.