Metallics are a great way to compliment and embellish any surface. This can be installed over a Marmorino KS or used with a concrete finish to give a boost of colour, from the opulent reflections to the precious textures. Metallics are very popular due to the huge array of bright colours that are available with the effect of metal.

Liquid metal are a decorative coating for interior & exterior surfaces, made from selected metal alloy powders, bi-component epoxy resin compounds, fillers and special rheological additives. The application allows unique textures to be achieved, originally and exclusively enhancing the surfaces treated, transforming them into real metal (98% metal). These products can be sprayed for a flourless smooth effect or trowels with a thickener to create texture. Available in Tin, Copper, Brass, Bronze and lots more colours.

A great product to use with stencils! Spray a bar worktop or feature art piece to a stunning feature wall! These products are designed to give that wow factor!