Liquid metals are a decorative coating for both interior and exterior surfaces. We can give any surface a genuine metal finish. Our liquid metal coatings are light weight, durable and hard wearing. It is highly versatile as it can be applied to virtually any surface, creating a solid metal look.


The coating can be sprayed for a flawless, smooth touch effect or skilfully trowelled with a thickener to create depth and texture. It’s available in a myriad of metals including tin, copper, brass, bronze and many more.
This is a great product to use along with stencilling to create dramatic bar tops, worktops or unique feature art pieces. If it is a ‘wow’ factor you’re after, then our liquid metal product never fails to deliver.

working with earthcoat

At EarthCoat we understand liquid metals and our highly trained, experienced and skilled team are perfectly placed to work with you the customer to create the finish of your dreams. 

The only thing that stands in the way of that spectacular wall finish is any limitations that you put on your own imagination. Let yourself go and put your trust in EarthCoat. We will deliver for you.