Stunning & 100% Natural

We have an unbelievable product that we’re very proud of called EarthCork. It’s a natural cork render for new build and renovation projects. It provides a sustainable, innovative solution for homes, residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

25 Year Warranty

We can give you a whopping 25 years warranty sprayed over your existing render!

Highly durable

and flexible coating to prevent cracking (and reduce complaints)

Super adhesive

(when it’s on, it stays on) on a range of surfaces, including steel

Patch repairs possible

(avoids costly or time-consuming whole-wall re-rendering)

Strong thermal insulator

and reduces thermal bridges

Good sound insulator

reduction in noise and vibrations by up to 12dB

Fire resistant

(Euro-class B safety rating), water resistant and breathable (this helps prevent mould and damp

Provides a healthier living

and working space

Low maintenance

easy clean coating in 16 standard fade-resistant colours

Can be used on steel clad buildings

modular constructions and commercial interiors

Recommended by Kevin McCloud, presenter of TV’s Grand Designs, it offers an eco-friendly and high performance alternative for plasterers and render companies.

“Cork is a fascinating material with excellent acoustic and thermal insulation properties. Its antifungal, and resists rotting, it ‘breathes’, transpiring moisture, it will compress to form a tight gasket (think wine bottles) and it’s sustainable.

In fact Europe’s cork production in Portugal for example needs our support. Now it’s been turned into an insulating, breathable, elastic, sustainable render for buildings. Something that’s been missing from both the conservation and the eco building markets. Magical ”.
Kevin McCloud
As seen on Grand Designs

Cork is taken from the cork oak tree but no trees are felled. Instead the bark is stripped away and this releases oxygen into the air, which reduces carbon dioxide in the environment.

That’s good for the planet. The tree’s bark grows back each time. So it’s a sustainable resource (unlike quarried materials). The raw material goes to make EarthCork.

This gives this unique render coating a wealth of features and benefits for customers, plasterers and rendering companies:


Renovation and insulation in one. Flaking paint, peeling pointing and plastering belong in the past. Treat walls with spray cork to create a new façade and at the same price improve the insulation performance. Better, stronger and more durable than all existing and better known finishing systems such as plastering, silicone plaster, etc ...

Walls with wind driven rain

The spray cork Waterproof System: guaranteed 100% waterproof and insulated dry walls. Beautiful new walls with a perfectly protected insulation and immediate energy savings! Available in various colors: a classic interior. Available in a finer grain specially designed for a smoother interior finish. Available in many colours.


Musty damp basements regain a healthy environment. By treating it with spray cork mould, bacteria and pests are eradicated.


Suitable for flat roofs, platforms, worn and dirty slate. When used together only with the Waterproof System 100% waterproof covering is achieved.


Ideal for apartments, offices and work areas. The perfect solution for party walls and floors. Can reduce noise from music and cinema rooms and improve acoustics in open areas.

Thermal Performance

Improves thermal performance of a building

Environmentally friendly

Sustainable and 100% natural product. Spray cork is water repellent, breathable and maintenance free. Anti-condensation and reduction of thermal bridges

Excellent Adhesion

& easily applied to all substrates such as brick, cement, plaster, wood, metal, asphalt.